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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  August 30, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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bring family demanding answers, they say local hospital through the way their babies remains, maia bela is in lorain with how this coul have happeneded. the biggest question is how thi could happen at mercy regional to lose track of the babies remains? the family says that she was stillborn at 6 months, on friday a when the family was planning services they received a blow as a hospital cannot locate her family was told that she was thrown into the laundry.
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of anything like this how do yo lose a baby but they put her into the garbage like a piece o paper swing so many questions that need to be answered. >> quwith profound empathy for family's feelings continue to investigate all aspects of the matternu though it does not alleviate the pain we have implementedt methods to prevent recurrence the hospital staff wi what changes they are makingpip that something like this does not happen again, maia belay fo 8 news. university heights police investigating after a 0 70-year-old said she was raped walking home from school covers says she was with a friend at 430 w when they separated on thursday that's when she claime she was assaulted about a quarter-mile from home, please
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we will have tonight at 10:00 p.m.. >> also tracking developments apm case that is gettin attention, pretrial hill today and trumbull county for 15-year-old bresha meadows, suspected of killing her father because of domestic violence, she's facing aggravated murder u charge, mother says that she wa they want er family, her to bere trial is october. >> bet police investigating a double homicide in canton, just before 9:00 a.m. a person called 911 said a woman came to her home said that someone had been shot they responded to a home on midway avenue northeast finding two men shot deade, three children were inside but they were not injured, one victim is 35-year-old joshua weatherspoon
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an akron officer was named as officer of the yea has beenk arrested last month for all vin cut a deal said that sh was driving intoxicated and had a loaded handgund. was schedul for trial next month she has pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of h improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle find $4040n in one she could go to jail if she getin >> > the problem exposed by the i-team,m, a major shortage of crossing guards in cleveland, while more have been hired ther are still dozens of jobs unfilled, city hall says en city five crossing jobs are open, that number is down from the first days of the school year and can be critical to student safety last year showed you a child nearly killed by hit-and-runach driver outside o
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city hall says that is processing applications for a second time in three weeks police have arrested a group of in the smash and grab thanks to a tip from aa unity member early tuesday a group of thieves attempted to use an suv to break into a food market and wall nearby told police he saw a man run from the store jump into a jeep and gave police descriptio of the vehicles they arrested for suspects: they believe the same group may be involved in a least five oth grabs. >> eot schoolteachers will not go on strike in cleveland union reps and the school district into an agreement from 5:00 a.m. today now up to the school board and union to ratify the proposed contractan the teachers union president said that he worked hardnen to avoid any disruption student's education and able to bring back a contract that is good for students and educators that our members will be proud
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>> that we are pleased to take a contract to the board that both sides see as faird the union plans to strike thursday if an agreement cannot be reached, if ratified, the contract becomes effective immediatelyth. it was a beautiful day, go to was a mac for a look at forecast it was a sunshiny day. >> some high clouds moving in, head of the front. it integrates hawkins and 75 ashtabula, 86 degrees new philly. lower dew points to th south and east, east of 77, to the west dewpoints are planning with 684 family. a friend is on the way some did
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west of it running into the drier air. tonight cloudy tomorrow, a few showers scourging alone the northern region and then few areas can sm downpours , but tomorrow it will be moving off southeast with cooler air moving in. rainfall between one quarter and one hal inchh for early tomorrow mornin. tomorrow there could be a few showers tonight, it will be client with bid 60s tomorrow high of 80 degrees with occasional showers. and then it will be returning
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browns hall of famer jim brown has never shied away from social issueses again making headline supportin another player as dave nethers has more from browns headquarters where jim brown remains a team special assistant. >> salthe player he supports hi san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick to sit while the national anthem is played as a demonstration against oppression and police jim brown has never shied away from taking the stan on social issues, using his position as a hall of fame running back to draw attention tototi advance issues related t racial equality. colin kaepernick refusal to stand
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flag stands for liberty and freedom and less on happening speaking on the nfl network, ji brown said that he does not agree, with colin kaepernick's method but applauds his message and a browns camp, robert griffin iii told us he respects jim brown and cannot judge's sa francisco counterpart here's what jim brown had to say.. >> i listened to him he makes all the sense in the world, he is within his rightse and he and i am with them 100 percent. >> eh colin kaepernick stands on the american flag, i cannot judge of that, my stance is for me as a military brat, my fathe served 21 years and my mother 13 so that represent something totally differentm, so i cannot judge him on what his stances o what his beliefs are i can only just go about it the way that i
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his issue is not with: kaepernick inlays that the issu is young black men killing ever young black men,yo dave nethers fox 8 news. >> it is the news we have been hoping for in the fight against zika virus, f at 7:00 o'clock leading experts have found work and how to counteract it and
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to find out
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surrendering secretary of state in response to freedom of information act request, was not clear when they would be released or what they would include me while the state department says about 30 e-mail related to thehe 2012 benghazi attack iran thousands recovered those conditions were not included bonding 55,000 given t the fbind they need about a month to review classified info before they are released.. >> hillary clinton will attend the 11th district congressional parade the event is sponsored by congresswoman marcia fudge who chaired the dnc in philadelphia, hillary clinton to talk to the crowd at a rally at luke easter park with detail
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cuyahoga county republican party officially endorsing donald trump,p,nd it was announced tod during the executive meeting, received the backing of two joh kasich delegates as well as marco rubio delegate chairman rob frost says trump shares the vision that they need to be mor inclusive and focus party the major arteries and some pow storms all over the usus surf in florida as they began t hunker down as a massive storm tours in the gulf. torrential downpours to the gulf coast people are getting sandbags and other essentials to prepare for the storm, north carolina officials keeping a close watch on the coast were a storm threatens to drop several inche of rainfall. >> the waves are choppy the wind is picking up quite a bit.
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on be our biggest threat. >> 's the southeast is not the only place threatened as hawaii's bi island is rightly in the path o metal line expected to pass thi week. >> e melissa myers is here to tell us when this will be coming. >> earlier from burke lakefront. you could see the practice for the upcoming air show. some high clouds from some moisture and storms from the west at this point.the dry air is waning but it simply will not be, will be a paradise on lake erie. and tomorrow is not so much. deny a low of 60.
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tomorrow 80 degrees. it is more saturated with higher dewpoints. in detroit 79, 90 degrees paducah and you can see they showers a lot of awhile began to dissipate as it gets closer. a few raindrops to the last overnight. overnight and tomorrow, have enough instabilityty and close to the
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some of these depression could have chance of becoming tropical stormsco a one located near the outer banks one near the yucat? peninsula and near the miami area. this will be moving off from the mainland us putting down some heavy rainfall in som coastal concerns. the other could become a tropical storm cutting through florida and panhandle of georgia and the carolinas so the outer banks could again be affected by this storm. so not good news for those in the nort carolina coastline area. tonight partly to mostly cloudy and then showers/storms jamar afternoon/evening and then
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potential of lake effect rainfall thursday. high-ranking military officer leads a double life the case of the general is raising security concerns that and the top headlines at 10:00 o'clock. >> counter a standoff, chris brown has met his home and is talking to the police were called to his home in la this morning after wallin said that
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several people were escorted ou of the home but please say that everybody has been cooperative and nobody has been arrested. >> he allegedly threw a duffel bag with a gun and drugs out th window at officers, they say they have been called to the residencey five times in the p year. >> promise research in the figh against zika virus they had discovered pre- 16 drugs could be useful to counteract the virus petri dishes but with dramatic results even reversing some of the damage thought impossible there are currently used to treat cancer, hepatitis c andnd infections. research says the time immediately after concussion is critical, but dad teenagers and diagnosed with concussions some look at plane after the concussion of those who stopped
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to those who stop playing it is the first to address the difficulty to diagnose and trea concussions because some athletes believe they need to play through the pain. >> on wall street, the gas stocks, lots of red the down by 40 points the s&p down by four points. mark are selling down in new homes, home prices were up in june pushed by strong sales and low inventory, home values are still soaring in the northwest but has slowed to mar sustainable ratesrk, overall prices increasing quickly than income as people compete for the smaller supply of homes that could stifle home sales in the coming months. >> at coin-op, tim t-boned even the football field for good square but had him trying out for
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go to fox to vote for the friday night touchdown game of the week.ox the winner announced that 9:00 p.m. thursday. be sure to join us for friday night
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, tracy mccool, will help to bring the highlights on friday night touchdown on friday at 11:00 p.m. on fox 8. jen tivo trying to restart his career by not an football today he worked out foreal major-league scouts nearly two dozen teams he has not played baseball since high school but was an all-state outfielder he had a 500 batting average chose to pursue football even i major-league team does not bind he does have an offer fromt venezuelafr. the chapter reunited with his gold medal thanks to a 7-year-old georgia girl,ol he w the medal and the 92 barcelona olympicscs but it was stolen when they broke into his car in june
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was walking with her father whe she spotted its in the pile of garbage, she returned it to the former olympian who have posted about the effect on social medi sphere w we have criminal models to look at inside of an elementary school. >> but i guess sometimes we don't give a 7-year-old child enough credit for the choices that they can make and the influence and power in one choicend on the entire communit. >> cohe promised school, and let her classmates know about the good deed , mond he arrived at the woodson park academy with his gold medal in hand. join us again tonight at 10:00 p.m. until then have a
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